New algorithm from Facebook against fake activity

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Emsider - щит Facebook борьба с ботами

Facebook gives a surprise to cheat activity makers. This is about overtake increase traffic to the site by cheating likes and reposts for publications with clickbate headlines from fake accounts. Such actions raise the post in the Facebook feed, thereby increasing traffic.

New Facebook algorithm should touch also another dishonest way of automated cheating called coordinated inauthentic behavior.

The difficulty is that this kind of spam often has quite quality content which does not cause any suspicions (questions) in bots and social networks moderators . Breaking the rules is that activities on these posts are created not by real users, but by fake accounts specially created for such manipulations. Despite the fact that Facebook is actively fighting fakes their mass creation is still not a problem for professionals.
New Facebook algorithm is designed to recognize such activity and fight it. Although it is not clear what kind of sanctions threaten violators. The most likely and outcome (and the most loyal at the same time) is that such activity will not be taken into account when aligning users. In the worst case, it will even pessimize posts .

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